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Simple Natural Ways To Strengthen Your Immunity

In this world full of diseases we must strengthen our body’s immunity, so that we are not vulnerable to diseases, and doctors are advised to follow some advice and adhere to some behaviors to strengthen immunity, and here we review some of these tips.

Do Not Stay Awake

Getting a good night’s sleep of 7-9 hours a day may reduce the stress hormone secretion making your body less prone to infections and increasing immunity.

Daily Exercise

You should exercise walk and move including using the stairs instead of the elevators which increases your body’s production of substances that improve sleep regulate blood circulation and stay away from blood pressure and arterial diseases.

Reduce Intake Of Sugars And Carbohydrates

Sugars and carbohydrates in general disrupt the immune system for a few hours after eating them in excess so you should reduce your intake of sugars and carbohydrates to a minimum.

Vegetables And Fruits

Every day you should consider eating citrus fruits fruits and vegetables in your meals and the most prominent of these vegetables and fruits that strengthen the immune system
citrus fruits
red grapes
sweet potatoes

Fats And Vitamins

Eat beneficial fats such as those found in avocados and eat foods rich in vitamin C vitamin E vitamin B6 vitamin A vitamin D folic acid iron selenium and zinc.

Also by consulting your doctor,
you can take something that normalizes the level of pH in the body, such as dietary supplements rich in calcium potassium and magnesium.

Avoid Caffeine

Do you regularly drink coffee You should stop and take a break as well as other drinks that contain caffeine as avoiding addiction to them enhances the health of your immune system.

Get Rid Of Stress

With the increase in pressure and the size of responsibilities care must be taken to get rid of stress because those who feel constantly stressed or those who suffer from pathological tension their bodies secrete hormones that weaken the immune system.

In order to avoid stress you should talk to others exercise and socialize with others and if that does not work you should consult a psychologist.


The happiness hormones that the body secrete when laughing have been shown to stimulate the functioning of the immune system in addition to the secretion of a special type of white blood cell that is specifically called up as a reward for laughter

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