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How To Get Saudi Family Visit Visa

How To Get Saudi Family Visit Visa

Saudia Arabia known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abbreviated as KSA is a center of Muslims because it is an Islamic country is having the home of Allah in its center.

So all Muslims from each corner of the world rush to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj and umrah and to take a view of many Islamic spots such as The great Makkah, madinah , The grave of our beloved Prophet SAW.

Moreover it is an oil rich country that has many oil refining industries.It has numerous oil wells that supplying million tons of oil to different countries of the world.So due to these reasons their are many job opportunities to expats.

As we know that their is a problem of unemployment in many parts of the world die to which many families are living a miserable life without getting proper food three times a day.

To overcome this problem many people wants to escape from their country to get a suitable job abroad. It is said that most of the population comprises of the expats that related to different countries of the world they traveled Saudi Arabia to earn plenty amount of  money to run their families.

If you are one of the expats who is living without their families in Saudia and are missing the family and loved ones a lot.Once you are stable and wants to bring your family near to you in front of your eyes in Saudi Arabia but you don’t know how to get the family visa in Saudi Arabia and what are its requirements.

Then your confusion is cleared because now we are here to share full detail of family visa, documents required and its cost.

Let’s have a look of this article to get all the possible information and be ready to see your family as soon as possible and enjoy your life.

Saudi family residence visa:

Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA provides different types of visas to Saudi nationals, residence and expats.Visas provided by Ministry of foreign affairs include Saudi family residence visa . This visa is provided to the first degree relatives of autorizied expats to sponsor the visa of their families in Saudi Arabia.

Relatives permitted for family visa :

The Saudi family residence visa can be applied for :


sons that are below 18

unmarried daughters

It is to be kept in mind that the resident of Saudi Arabia applying for the family visa should get the authorization by the ministry of Saudi Affiars to sponsor the family visa for your family.

Although it is important note that the employee can not seek employment.Exit visas are that allows toy to leave the kingdom is required for the holders of residence visas.

Requirements for Saudi Arabia residence family visa:

To apply for the Saudi  family visa Original passport is required that must be  valid for at least  six months, having  at least two back to back  empty visa pages on which the visa has yo be issued.

• Now the filling of online application is available online for this you have to log on to

• You also have to keep in mind to  choose “single entry”

• A visa referral note is required that  indicates  the number and date of the visa that is  issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs or it may be issued by   its branches in Jeddah or Dammam.

• Proof of kinship is required  when some one  accompanied by a family member if it is  spouses then a copy of the marriage certificate and if it is for children then a copy of the birth certificate.

• The age of  son of the authorized expat must be  under 18 if it exceeds then he could not get the visa.

• The daughters should be single other wise they can not get the visa.

• More over the  copy of documented proof of legal residence of  their family member’s country where they live.

• The most important that is required it is  medical report composed in  three copies, companied by  all lab results.

•  The other thing required are three (3) passport-size coloured and latest  photographs caught on  white background.

•  As it is obvious that contagious diseases are really dangerous as corona virus so when an individual wants to travel to Saudi Arabia then you should show a report certified by a reliable physician showing that you are not having contagious diseases.

•  Their should be sign of the physician on  each copy of the medical report indicating their license number and address.

• Medical reports must be donr in the recent days it should be no more than three  months past then the date of issuance.

• A plus point is that their id no need of medical relort of children under the age of sixteen.

• A notarized letter in Arabic or English signed by both parents  is needed when minors under 18 are travelling alone or with one parent.

Time required for the issuance of Saudi family  visa:

The maximum time that is needed for the issuance of Saudi family visa is 2 to 7 working days.


SAR 50 is required for the Saudi family visa.

Methods of applying for Saudi family visa:

In order to apply a Saudi residence visa you should do the mentioned below steps:

• You can apply at the embassy of Saudi Arabia offline in person its means you will visit the embassy.

• One can mail to the Saudi embassy locates in their country to apply for the visa.

• Or you can also approach to the embassy’s authorized travel agencies.

Now when you have read this article you can easily apply for the Saudi family visa and can bring your families near to you by fulfilling all the requirements of the Saudi family visa.

I hope you will live happily with your family by the grace of God….

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