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8 Foods That Will Double Your Appetite

Some foods and beverages increase appetite after eating which does not eliminate the feeling of hunger and requires more food.
According researchers rice barley Greek yogurt and peanut butter increase appetite rather than decrease it and double food consumption. Dietitians provide a complete list of foods and beverages that increase the feeling of hunger.

Mostly Experts recommend avoiding these items especially if you want to maintain body fitness or get rid of excess weight.

Artificial flavored yogurt

Artificial flavored yogurt contains a lot of sugar.

White bread

It is low in nutrients and high in calories, especially since it is made from white flour and fat, which reduces the feeling of hunger.

White Rice

It contains a large amount of sugar, so experts recommend using brown rice or long-grain basmati rice instead.

White pasta

It is high in fiber and carbohydrates.

Egg White

Experts recommend eating whole eggs to get nutrients and protein.

Fruit juice

They are low in nutrients and fiber.


It has a large amount of calories and helps in expelling carbon dioxide from the stomach, which increases the feeling of hunger. Cereal or corn flakes Cereal or corn flakes are high in sugar and calories, and they feel hungry immediately after eating. The list also includes French fries, bread and jam, milk chocolate, fried foods and meat, desserts such as cakes and croissants.

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