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How To Get Dubai Driving License

How To Get Dubai Driving License

Dubai is one among the seven states of UAE. Dubai is home to many expats having vast deserts, beautiful gardens, stunning shopping malls, sky touching buildings , beautiful apartments and villas to live.

Every person in the world will want to visit Dubai once in his life because its a city with every facility needed for life it has well constructed roads.

UAE is a vast country and it needs a car or taxi to travel from one place to another but I will suggest that private car is better because to wait for the buses and taxis may be difficult and moreover throgh public transport one can not get access to far off places in UAE for this you must need a private car or rent a car.

As it is crystal clear that Dubai has a strict rules and regulations and it perform every process very clear and requires valid document for each act.

In order to drive a car you must be having a driving license issued by RTA in Dubai. If you are the one who wants to know the method of getting a driving license in Dubai than here we are with its full detail procedure, requirements, time required and cost also.

In case if you are having the driving license of your country then it is also possible to transfer this driving license into Dubai driving license because its possible for few countries license in UAE.


There are some requirements that must be full filled by the applicant residing in UAE. Let’s explore these requirements:

• There also an age requirements that should be seventeen years and six months or above.

• If you want get a Dubai driving license then you should also make sure that you are medically and  physically fit.Other wise you will be unable to get the license.

• Then you should provide both theoretical and practical tests that should be proved by some reliable centers in UAE .

• Those applicants who are interested in getting a commercial driving permit, should perform medical test.

• One should keep in mind that the license should be issued to the applicants who are completely 18 years old.

• A valid emirates Id is required.

• Passport sized photos are required.

• The other thing is to complete the application form.

• No objection certificate that is NOC is also required from your employer that will ensure that their is no objection upon you and you should be issued with a driving license.

• Passport and a copy of residence visa is also required.

Requirements for special applicants:

There are separate training centers and driving schools for disable people so they can also apply for that type of license also.

Driving institutes in Dubai :

Numerous driving institutions are running in UAE to train the applicants for driving according to driving rules in UAE.

The public servers that includes driving institution, technical testing centers, that every year undergoes an assessment and classification process that is known as Partners Performance Management System.

Driving institutions along with contact numbers are mentioned below that are reliable and one can apply without any doubt.

1- Emirates Driving Institute

04 2631100

2- Belhasa Driving Center

04 3243535

3- AL Ahli Driving Center


4- Dubai driving center


5- Galdari motor driving centre

04 2676166

6- Drive Dubai


Keep in mind that branches will provide all services related to training either registration or testing while Registration offices can provide only registration services.

Training timings:

Here we will discuss the training timings that you must know:




08:30 am to 02:30 pm

 15:30 am to 05:30 pm


07:00 am to 12:00 pm

 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm

Official holidays*:

07:00 am to 05:00 pm

Night training:

08:00 pm to 11:00 pm


09:30 am to 01:30 pm

 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm

Types of driving license in Dubai :

The type of vehicle you are planning to drive will decide that which type of driving license you needs some types are mentioned here let’s have a look:

• Light motor vehicle license:

This type of license allows the driver to drive a car of 3.5 tons only.

• Heavy bus license:

This is totally a bus license and it will allow you to drive a bus which seating capacity is 26 or more passengers.

• Heavy truck license:

This is a heavy vehicle license and it will allow the driver to drive a truck having weight more than 3.5 tons.

• Motorcycle license :

This license will allow you to drive a scooter or motorcycle only.

Cost of driving license:

The cost of driving license may differs due to some facts such as type of diving license, the driving institution and the numbers of classes required during training.

However the cost for a new driving license in UAE for a private car is fromAED 4,500 to AED7000.

But again I will say that its not the fixed amount because it depends on the driving institution that you have joined because some institutions may charge high fee or some institutions may charge low and bearable.So to join an institution first of all look at its fee plan that you can afford it or not.

At last I will advice you to follow traffic rules while driving in UAE because the traffic rules are really to be followed by every one like not going against the traffic signals, overtaking in wrong side, driving in opposite lane or using mobile phone while driving one can use Bluetooth as alternative, driving in drunk condition.These are the conditions that are to be followed other wise you may be fined or even jail and in sever cases individuals are deported to their country and are banned to travel here for some time or life time.

So if you are a driver in UAE then you should read this full article that will help you to get full knowledge of driving in UAE. Stay save and drive save…..

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