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No Saudi Quarantine For China Vaccine

No Saudi Quarantine For China Vaccine

Recently saudi arabia muqeem portal which is specialy designed to register vaccination taken abroad has updated it’s vaccine list and there are six Covid Vaccine showing.

After the update list of muqeem portal the new approved vaccine list will look like below

Moderana Two Doses
Pfizer Two Doses
Astrazeneca Two Doses
Johnson And Johnson One Dose
Sinophrm Two Doses
SinoVac Two Doses

But the question is that If a person had taken the two complete doses of china vaccine sinophrm and SinoVac will he quarantine at saudi arabia arrival?

Saudi Quarantine For China Vaccine

Firstly let me tell you one thing that this update is not yet officially announced by the government but it’s just an updated list on muqeem portal but let me tell you the possibility of avoiding quarantine at saudi arabia in case of china vaccine.

According to some unofficial sources told arabinfo24 in case you have taken the two complete doses of Sinophrm or SinoVac then you must take a booster shot to avoid quarantine at saudi arabia arrival.

Two Doses Of Sinophrm And One Dose Of Pfizer Booster Shot
Two Doses of SinoVac And One Booster Shot Of Astrazeneca.

In case any further information about china Vaccine Approval in saudi arabia keep visiting this site to keep yourself updated.

No Saudi Quarantine For China Vaccine

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