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Five Tips For Patients With High Blood Pressure In Ramadan

Saudi Ministry of Health has issued five tips for patients with high blood pressure during Ramadan.According to follow these five tips if you are High Blood Pressure Patient.

Take high blood pressure medication as soon as you read Taraweeh so that your body has got the required amount of fluid by that time. If you forget to take the medicine, do not double the dose the next day.

Minimize salt intake as salt intake raises blood pressure.

Make low-fat milk a part of your diet as it contains ingredients that help lower blood pressure.

In addition, Dr. Khalid Al-Nimr, a cardiologist, said that blood pressure medication should not be taken during Iftar in Ramadan.  Dr. Al-Nimr advised patients with high blood pressure to take the medicine after Taraweeh.

Take medicine for chronic high blood pressure every day. Do not take medication when needed.