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List Of Professions Include In Saudization Of Commercial Malls And Complexes In Saudi Arab

Saudi Arab Ministry of Human Resources issued the procedural guide for the decision to resettle commercial complexes “malls” in all regions of the Kingdom.

Profession Included In This Decision
The decision included limiting work to Saudis in all activities and professions in closed commercial complexes “malls”, and closed commercial complex management offices at 100%, with the exception of a limited number of activities and professions in these complexes, which are: cafes with 50% localization rate, 40% restaurants, and hypermarkets. Market and supermarket.

The following professions are excluded from the decision: (cleaning worker, loading and unloading worker, toy maintenance technician, and barber) so that their percentage does not exceed 20% at the outlet and one shift, in addition to the commitment to a uniform.

The Ministry confirmed that the decision will enter into force on 12/25/1442, that is, 120 days after its publication, corresponding to today (Wednesday) 8/25/1442 AH, indicating that the statutory penalties will be applied after the end of the grace period on all establishments not complying with the decision.

She indicated that two types of penalties will be applied: the penalty for employing non-Saudi workers in occupations restricted to Saudis, and the penalty for non-compliance with the nationalization percentage


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