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Saudi Boarding Flights Is Now Connected With Tawakkalna Application

Saudi Arab Will Issue Flight Boarding Pass On Tawakkalna Application Status Base.Civil Aviation has directed the concerned agencies to register all the data related to the flights and their passengers as soon as possible. The position of passengers should be recorded in Tawakalna app.According to Civil Aviation Authority of saudi arab Department has issued the directive in the context that public and private Departments are now relying on the Tawakalna application.

Record of Tawaklana app will also be reliable with regard to travelers. The Civil Aviation Department has directed that the boarding pass will be issued only in the name of passengers whose health condition is in the Tawakalna app.

Who Will Be Allowed To Board ?

This record will be taken from April 22, 2021. The Civil Aviation Department has also issued a directive to add a mechanism in the system that if a passenger is not protected from the corona or is infected with the corona his reservation will be cancelled and passenger will be notified with SMS.

What If My Reservation Is Cancelled?

In a statement the Civil Aviation Department said If someone’s reservation is canceled because of Corona, then their rights should be protected and no rights should be violated.”

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