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How To Check And Pay Electricity Bill In Saudi

How To Check And Pay Electricity Bill In Saudi

Saudi Arabia is a homeland of vast deserts,sky touching buildings and many more facilities of life.Saudi Arabia does not only attracts workers because of its frequent job vacancies but also attracts tourists because of its islamic historic locations and also some beautiful locations that attracts the tourists toward itself.

So if you are one of the resident of Saudi Arabia living with your family or without family you have to pay electricity bills.Nowadays this process is very easy becsuse their are now online websites through which you can check and pay your electricity bill online while sitting at home or in your office or at any other workplace.

Check electricity bill online in Saudi Arabia:

If you are living in Saudi Arabia and you are worried that how to check and pay electricity bill online because of the busy schedule of life so you don’t have to take tension because we are here to discuss all the possible methods that you can apply to check and pay bill in Saudi Arabia.

One can check his or her  electricity bill online in Saudi Arabia through the Saudi Electricity Company’s (SEC) website that is:

Saudi Electric company SEC:

Saudi Electricity is the largest in Middle East with 57 GW of generation, 7.5 million customers, a 55,000 km transmission circuit. It is active in operations, generation maintenance, transmission and distribution. It has 33,000 employees.

Or by the “ALKAHRABA” app, which you can download from Google Play or Apple App stores on your smartphones.In past you were able to check the electricity bill with out need of creating any account easily but now unlike in the past, you will no longer be able to access your Saudi Electricity bill online without registering an account with the SEC.

Luckily if you have already created an account with SEC  than their is no issue you can directly check your electricity bill .

But if you are not having the account with thr SEC than you have to first off all create the account with the SEC.

Complete your registration by entering valid and appropriate information that is required in corresponding fields.

Once the process of registration is completed than you can log in to the website.Now navigate to the account services to view full details you have to click on my bills.

Check electricity bill with out Registration in Saudi Arabia.

Now one can check Saudi electricity company bill details online to save the time because nowadays the life is very busy and no one has the time to stand in lines and to pay bill. Now checking of bills is also even possible  through WhatsApp without the need to create an account with the SE website or KAHRABA app.So you don’t have to worry because making of account on SEC may be a lengthy process. All you need to do is, send a Hi to WhatsApp number:


and then  follow the instructions as they instruct you.

Receive Electricity  bill through SMS in Saudi Arabia:

If you have a problem or difficulty in using whats app than their is a third alternative also that is you can get the details of your electricity bill in Saudi arabia through sms service also.You can also get payment details on  regular basis via SMS.

Here we have the details that how you can check the details:

Step 1:

First of all you have to send # 9 and your  Account Number to 500120 for registration in English.

Step 2:

Then you have to edit an account that has been registered with the service, send # 1 Account Number to 500120.

Step 3:

Last you have to send # 2 Account Number to 500120 to unsubscribe the account.

How to receive electricity bills through Email:

You also use your electricity bills through your  email by submitting a request on the website. The procedure is outlined below that you can view to get help:

Step 1:

First of all you have to Visit the following link:

Step 2:

Now you have to enter your electricity bill “Account number”

Step 3:

Then you are asked to Enter “Email ID”

Step 4:

Now you have to Select “English” language because the local language is Arabic so the website is also in Arabic but in case if you don’t understand it than you have to select the English language.

Step 5:

At the last you Will Click on “Register”.

If you wish to cancel the alert, you may do so by selecting “Cancel Registration.”

How to Pay Bills at an ATM Without Using an ATM Card or Having an Account:

You can use an  ATM machine to pay the bills Without Using an ATM Card or Having an Account.

This service is available at some banks deposit machines that are mentioned below:

NCB (Al Ahli Bank)

Riyad bank


• First of all you have to Visit the nearest deposit  machine.

• Click on any button on the ATM.

• Select English language as its common language is Arabic.

•Select Bill Payment.

Select Category.

Enter the bill number that you want to pay

Deposit the money into the machine, you can put a round figure.

Example: If your electricity bill is 190 riyals, you can deposit 200 and the next bill will be adjusted by 10 riyals.

Take Receipt.

This was the way that you can follow to pay any type of bill including
Maktab Amil Levi Payment…etc, but you can’t use this service for any type of refundable deposit like Jawazat services -Iqama renewal, re-entry, sponsorship transfer fee…etc

Saudi Electricity Company Stops Issuing Paper Bills

After the online bill paying facilities are available so the saudi government has stop issuing electricity bills.The SEC will now  issue e-bills that is electronic bill on the 28th of each Gregorian month.

Electronic bills can be find on the mobile electronically by SEC or Al kahraba.

So if you are worried due to checking and payment of electricity bill than you should go through this article to get help.

I hope the article will be helpful for you regarding your questions…..

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