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How To Marry Saudi Girl Procedure And Requirements

How To Marry Saudi Girl Procedure And Requirements

If you are a resident of Saudi Arabia and you are planning to marry a Saudi girl to extend your stay their because in Saudi Arabia their are many expats because their are many job opportunities which attracts the workers to work their and to earn money.

Every year you have to renew your visa and iqama and one day will come when you will be required to leave the country.

If you want to live in Saudi Arabia for a long time period than you can marry a Saudi girl to permanently stay in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Than here you have to go through this article to know all the details.

To meet a Saudi women may seems really difficult and to convince her for the marriage also really difficult because one can not meet Saudi women’s easily due to Islamic rules and regulations as we know that Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and Islam doesn’t allows the intermingling of male and females. But here we have the six steps that you can follow to het marry to a Saudi women.

Their are several Saudi women married to foreign non-Saudi men. Now, they have children and live happily together here in Saudi Arabia. Such marriages are not most common but they do happen.

Their is also a positive point that Saudi girls have the dream to marry non Saudi men because they are attracted more by non Saudi men. But at the end of the day they has to marry a Saudi men that is mostly from their relatives due to pressure from their parents and traditions.

How Does A Non-Saudi Man Marry A Saudi Woman?

Their are the basic six steps that you have to follow:

• First of all to marry a girl you need to know a Saudi girl.

• Next step is that you must take permission from her guardian to convince them to marry that girl.

•Then you have to submit a marriage application and documents to the Imarah Office of the Saudi Ministry of the Interior that is really important to legalize your marriage by Saudi government.

• After this you have to wait for some time to obtain ministry permission than you can go ahead

• Later on both the parties will sign the actual marriage contract at the local Family Court.

• Finally at last you can held a wedding reception to complete the process.

Although these steps may seems to be easy but you should keep in mind their are number of obstacles in completing these steps that may be traditional or financial. So you should have a lot of patience to achieve this goal.

Step No One

Ways Of Getting To Know A Saudi Girl For Marriage

In Islamic countries for religious and cultural reasons, a non-Saudi man cannot even see most Saudi women than let alone talk, socialize, or even get to know them for marriage in Saudi Arabia seems to be impossible. Because Saudi Arab is the center of Muslims and Islam has strict orders about the Pardah of women.

They do not normally socialize with male non-family members at home, in school , college and work place.

In public you also cant access to a Saudi girls she will dress in a black Abaya, covering her hair, face, and she speaks to non-related men only when it is necessary.

Nowadays attitudes are slowly changing. More and more Saudi women are joining the national workforce, becoming business owners, traveling, and gaining more social access.

In these contexts, Saudi men and women are mixing more. Each day the separation of the sexes is becoming less and less apparent.

Today, there are increasingly more opportunities to get to know a Saudi woman at work and perhaps in a social situation more than ever existed before.

If you get to know a Saudi female at work or socially, you may wish to marry her. However, you will still need to approach her father to get permission to do so because without their approval you cant proceed.

Asking Saudi Male Friends To Recommend A Saudi Bride

To get a Saudi girl for marriage you can also ask a Saudi men friend of you to tell you about the Arabic females who are still virgin and want to marry a non Saudi man.

This is only possible if friend of you are in the favor of marriage of Saudi girl to a non Saudi men. Moreover it will become more easy if your friends know some couples of Saudi girl and non Saudi boy who are successful and happy now. So only than he will search in his family and will recommend your name for the marriage.

However, the reality is that most Saudi men are tribal and traditional. They want their sisters and female relatives to marry Saudis only and to marry men of the same race and ideally with the same family name.

Race and tribal obstacles:

As this obvious that Arabic locals are very rich and also Muslims so they follow Islamic traditions.

The foreigners are not so rich as compare to the locals so their is a wealth gap also due to which the locals are not willing to marry their daughters to non Saudi men.

Meeting A Saudi Woman On An Internet Marriage Site:

Increasingly nowadays Saudi women are advertising about themselves on marriage website that they are available to non Saudi men so from here you can choose a beautiful partner for but for this purpose you will have to migrate Saudi Arabia to meet her family and to take permission from them to blossom your love story.

Step No Two

Taking permission from the parents or guardian:

The second step is to convince the parents of Saudi girl you have met this is the most important step that has to be accomplished because the parents are really conservative and if you directly say them that I love your daughter and I want to marry her than it may be awkward because they will not feel it good that you know their daughter with out their knowledge.

Ways to get permission:

The best way to convince the father is that you should not show that you already knew her daughter instead you can say that i respect you so much and you are such a kind man and I really respect you I want to become a part of your family. So if he is satisfied than he himself will offer you to marry his daughter.

You can also convince them if you are introduced by a strong person of that family.

Step No Three

Submitting Your Marriage Application And Documents To the Amarah Office At The Saudi Ministry Of The Interior:

After the family or guardian permission you have to submit application and documents yo ammrah office.

Documents required by non Saudi groom:

Proof of Employment that is a work letter Attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

2 Copies of Home Passport

2 Copies of Iqama

Home Embassy Certificate/Letter of No Objection

Home Country DBS or ACRO Police Report

Recent Medical Report

Personal passport-sized photos

A file to hold the documents

Documents required by Saudi bride:

Proof of Employment- Work Letter attested by the Chamber of Commerce

Mayor’s Office Certificate & Police Certificate if not legally employed

A copy of Saudi National ID-The Bride & Guardian that is of father.

A copy of the Family Card ID is required.

Letter Explaining Reasons For Marrying a Non-Saudi that why she is marrying a non Saudi men.

A copy of the Divorce Certificate in case if she was married before.

A copy of the Death Certificate of the former husband of their is any.

Guardian Consent Certificate with full name, dates, and fingerprints

One can lodge his marriage application at the regional Amarah office of the Ministry of the Interior. It is the region in which the bride and her family reside.

Step No Four

4- Wait To Obtain Marriage Permission :

After submission of application you have to wait for government to give you the permission this time period may be long so you don’t have to loose patience and you have to wait for it.

Waiting times:

Waiting times for acceptance of the marriage application vary from region to region.

For example, in Riyadh, permission for a non-Saudi to marry a Saudi woman takes 1-2 months.

In the Eastern province, it can take between 1.5 to 2 years.

Step No Five

5- Signing The Actual Marriage Contract At The Local Family Court

After the permission is granted by Saudi government than Ministry of the Interior gives its permission, the clerk sends the application documents to the regional Saudi Family Court.

Than both the parents will sign the actual marriage certificate.

Step No Six

The Wedding Reception

At last this step is of celebration now you can celebrate your joy.

In Saudi weddings usually their are two receptions at same place one for men and other for female.

So this was all the possible information about your search I hope this article will help you in finding your bride…

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