Vaccine Registration Online In Saudi
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Vaccine Registration Online In Saudi

Vaccine Registration Online In Saudi

If you have taken any saudi approved vaccine outside the kingdom then you must know about vaccine registration online in saudi arabia process to upload your medical information in online portal.

Before uploading your information in online portal you must know about some points to avoid rejection of your application and you also must know about saudi arabia approved vaccine as well.

If you want to upload your all information Simply Click Here and this will lead you to saudi arabia ministry of health official portal for registration

Saudi Arabia Approved Vaccine List

Jhonson And Jhonson

You can check the required doses of each vaccin from here to get properly vaccinated to avoid Quarantine at saudi arabia and if you want to check Saudi Arabi All Quarantine Packages Click Here to choose the best one.

Important Points Before Vaccine Registration Online In Saudi Are

Verify Your Information

In order to avoid application rejection keep in mind to enter your all medical and personal information 100% accurate any kind of misleading information in your application will result in application rejection.

Documents Required

You will need you saudi arab iqama ID or Saudi National ID to register but in case you are on new work visa or Visitors then you can submit your Information Here.

Documents Type For Registration

Your all information must be in PDF Format and its size should not exceed from 1MB.

Additional Information

Your Application Must Contain

Your personal information in application

Application must be Arabic Or English

Medical Certificate must contain vaccine name and batch number clearly written.

Your Passport Copy

Your Medical Certificate Copy

In case you have one application in progress you can not submit a new application and application processing may take upto 5 business days to progress.

Vaccine Registration Online In Saudi

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