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Saudi Arabia GACA Quarantine Packages 2021 Cheapest Package

Saudi Arabia GACA Quarantine Packages 2021 Cheapest Package

Quarantine packages are subject to guest holding a valid SAUDIA reservation.

This can be only availed if the air ticket was booked through SAUDIA.

Guests must check their eligibility for travel by the concerned countries and obtain the required permits and/or permissions, if needed.

Conditions and guidelines are subject to frequent changes without prior notice.Guests must check the latest information about the conditions and guidelines required for travel from the official and authorized sources before traveling.

Guests will obtain 2 Covid tests on entry and before exit.Please ensure you read and understood the terms and conditions as all packages are non-refundable. Please read the terms here.

Quarantine packages are valid for bookings made from 8th May 2021 to 30th June 2021.

Quarantine packages are available on all classes of travelQuarantine packages are valid for any bookings made on online, Tele-sales, on CTOs or with travel agents.

Not valid in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.Offers are subject to change without prior notice.Bookings are non-refundable.Saudia terms & conditions apply.

Guest must have SAUDIA flight booking, packages are not applicable with other airline bookings.All reservations are on selected hotels only.The packages include transportation from the airport to the hotel.

How To Book Any Package 
Packages are available on Saudi Holidays platform.Click Here To Book Now

The hotel may request an amount from the guest upon check-in as a deposit, to be returned to the guest in the event that no damage is caused to the room upon check-out.

During the quarantine period, hotel restaurants provide only three meals, “breakfast, lunch and dinner” in the rooms.

All three packages include breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.Children up to 6 years old can benefit from accommodation and meals for free, by sharing a bed with their parents, with no more than two children in the double room only, kids from 7 to 12 years old can share the bed with their parents and they will be charged as follows: (Amount) SAR.


For one child per night, it includes three meals.This information may differ from one hotel to another.

Jeddah Quarantine Packages 

Saudi Arabia GACA Quarantine Packages 2021 Cheapest Package

Riyadh Quarantine Packages 


Dammam Quarantine Packages 

Madina Quarantine Packages 

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