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Saudi Arab Iqama Fee Maktab Ul Amal Fee 2021

If you are living in Saudi Arabia then you must know about Your Exact Iqama Fee and Maktab Ul Amal fee. In order to continue your stay and work you have to pay your Iqama And Maktab Ul Amal fee regularly in order to avoid any kind of panalty. So here I will let you know about saudi arab Iqama fee and Maktab Ul Amal for year 2021.

The following are the Iqama Renewal Fees for 2021.

Three Are Some Proffesion Which are exempt from Maktab Ul Amal Fee

House Workers Like Said Khas

Small establishments with five or fewer employees

Pay Your Fee For Three Months..

Saudi Arabia is now allowed to issue and renew residency permits and work permits for three months as a minimum period. This will enable individuals and companies to pay Iqama renewal fees quarterly instead of annually.

MOI Iqama Fees: SR 650
Work Permit Fees: SR 700 or SR 800
Dependent Levy
SR 400 per month per dependent.

Iqama Renewal is the Employer’s Responsibility
The employer is responsible for renewing the iqama’s of his workers. As per Article 40 (1) of the Saudi Labor Law, it is the responsibility of the employer to pay for the iqama renewal and iqama issuance fee. As per Article 144 of the Saudi Labor Law, it is the responsibility of the employer to provide health care and insurance to each employee.


5 Replies to “Saudi Arab Iqama Fee Maktab Ul Amal Fee 2021

  1. Aslam alakuma
    Sir my company responsir koriyan.
    My company responsir go koriya befour on year date going koriya 19/ 02/2020
    Now no coming no cotect my all company peopal .
    Sir I wait one years koriyan coming rnew my iqama iqama 15 many expair .
    Sir now me need exit legal .

  2. Aslamo alikum sir ap kaisy hain Allah pk salamat rakhy apko. Sir me 2015 me soudiya arbiya aya tha but merae kafeel ny 12000 riyal ka visa diya tha .6 month bad haroob dy diya phr 4000 riyal haroob ka diya wo sb kha gya but me mkhtbeaml me b gya uska wasta nikl aya but m 6 saal sy apny ghar ni gya

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