Travel To Saudi Via Jordan And Kenya
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Travel To Saudi Via Jordan And Kenya

Travel To Saudi Via Jordan And Kenya

As Saudi arabia government has suspended flights from 9 countries which includes Pakistan and India so here i will tell you how to travel to saudi via Jordan and kenya.

Currently Saudi Flights Are Suspended For The Following Courtiers

South Africa

Mostly Peoples used to travel to saudi during flights suspension via Afghanistan Bahrain Oman Maldeev.

As some ways are now closed so for now peoples from Pakistan are traveling to saudi arabia during flights suspension via following Countries.


Here i will tell you about the requirements and approximately full expanses on travel to saudi from Jordan Afghanistan and Kenya.

First You must know about saudi arabia approved vaccine in order to avoid quarantine at saudi. You can check Saudi Arabia Quarantine Packages From here or otherwise vaccinate yourself with the following approved vaccine in saudi

Pfizer 2 Dose
Jhonson And Jhonson One Dose
AstraZeneca 2 Doses
Moderna 2 Doses

Requirements To Travel

PCR Test
Valid Iqama
Valid Saudi Visa
Valid Passport
Medical Certificate Of Covid
Air Tickets
Quarantine And Isolation

Expanse On Travel Via Jordan

The Total expanse on travel to saudi arabia via jordan is approximately 350000 which includes the following things

Visa Fee
Tickets Booking
Hotel Booking
PCR Test
Full Meal
Saudi Quarantine Package

Travel To Saudi Via Jordan And Kenya

Total Expanse On Travel To Saudi Via Afghanistan

This is the most used way to travel as its less in cost and easy to travel and the total expanses on travel to saudi via Afghanistan is almost about 210000 which includes the following

Visa Fee
Tickets Fee
Hotel Stay
Saudi Quarantine Package
PCR Test

Total Expanse On Travel To Saudi Via Kenya

This is another route which is used by pakistani expates to reach saudi arab during flights suspension and the total cost of this package is almost about 300000 which includes

Kenya Visa Fee
Air Tickets
Hotel Stay
Quarantine And Isolation
PCR Test

When Will Saudi Flights Start For Pakistan And India

As per Saudi Arabia civial aviation authority GACA there is not a fixed date for the opening of international flights for Pakistan and India but it totally depend on daily Covid-19 case and the most important total number of active Covid cases in the country.

Saudi Flights For Pakistan Will Start After Eid And Hajj 2021?

Most of the peoples are assuming that saudi arabia will start international flights for Pakistan and India after eid 2021 or hajj 2021 but its not officially confirmed.

Once any official announcement is issued by GACA SaudiArabia Civial aviation authority so i will definitely let you know in this site. Till then keep visiting this site for saudi Arabia daily official Updates.

Travel To Saudi Via Jordan And Kenya

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