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How To Marry Saudi Women Saudi Arab Marriage Law

Marriage laws in Saudi Arabia are different for citizens and foreigners. According to the law, the marriage is registered in the court while the acceptance is also before the judge. All the conditions in the marriage certificate are also registered with the marriage registrar called Qazi. Marriage of Saudi citizens For the citizens, apart from mutual agreement in the basic conditions of marriage, there is the most important medical test without which the date of marriage cannot be obtained. Medical tests confirm that the couple who are getting married do not have any hereditary disease that may increase the risk of disease in their offspring or give birth to children with disabilities.

After receiving the test report, the date for the marriage is obtained by referring to the ‘Kitab-e-Adl’ (where the marriage is performed). Preparations for the wedding begin after the marriage is officially registered.

Marriage rules for Foreigners Expatriates

Millions of foreigners have been living in the country with their families for years. Immigrants living here must follow certain rules for marriage. Foreigners have to go to the office of the Registrar of Marriages to get married, for which advance time is obtained. The girl’s father and the boy apply for marriage (Corona has made it possible to have time online).

On the day of marriage, in the presence of the guardian, the conditions of the marriage are recorded in the marriage certificate. If the girl does not have a father, it is necessary to provide credible evidence. In the past, there was a marriage seeker facility at the Pakistan Consulate, which made it easier for people to get married after getting the marriage certificate certified by the embassy and later by the Foreign Ministry, but this facility has been discontinued for some time. Has been done.

Law For Saudi Man Marrying Non Saudi Women

If a Saudi citizen wants to marry a foreign woman, he has to get permission from the Ministry of Interior. It is possible to register a marriage only after obtaining an NOC for the marriage. Marriage cannot be registered without permission.

If a Saudi woman wants to marry a foreign man, she must also get permission from the Interior Ministry, but this is a very difficult process, requiring a police report on the foreigner. The application for NOC is then sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs. After approval from there, the marriage registration process is completed. After Saudi marriage to a foreigner, there was a law in the past to grant Saudi citizenship to a foreign man or woman, but this has been amended for some time. Now a foreign man or woman needs NOCs from various departments to get citizenship after marriage and this process takes a long time to complete.

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