Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Contact
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Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Contact

Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Contact

Pakistan embassy saudi arabia is really working hard to provide all possible facilities to all pakistani expates working in saudi arabia as with new Pakistan vision new pakistani ambassador General Bilal Akbar is appointed in saudi arabia.

New Pakistan New Pakistani Ambassador In Saudi Arabia

Due to many complaints from pakistani expates Prime Minister Imran khan recalled Pakistan ambassador Raja Ali Ijaz and some embassy staff and replaced them with some fresh workers and with General Bilal Akbar.

After taking charge as Pakistani Ambassador in saudi arabia General Bilal Akbar started to deliver what actually Pakistani Expates deserves.

Pakistan Embassy Saudi Arabia Contact

Pakistani Embassy Live Call

Firstly live call session was held in which people can call and share their problems so that can be solved in record time.

This Live call session is really appreciated by Pakistani community in saudi arabia.

Pakistani Embassy Complaint Box

After live call session pakistani embassy started a new system called Complaints Box. This is actually a box placed outside Pakistan embassy saudi arabia in which you can put all of your complaints so that can be fixed in time.

OutPass For Pakistani Expates In Saudi Arabia

Similarly Pakistani Embbasy Saudi Arabia also started a new outpass system for all illegal expates in Saudi Arabia whome status are turned illegal.

Any Pakistani Expates who’s status is illegal in case of Haroob or Expired Iqama will be able to submit a form and he will be help in record time.

Pakistani Embassy Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number

So if you are pakistani expate in saudi arabia and you have haroob status or your Iqama is expired so feel free to contact Pakistan Embbasy Saudi Arabia On This Whatsapp Number and get your OutPass

Recently Pakistani Embbasy Saudi Arabia also shared their contact numbers so you can contact them in working hours for any kind of help and queries. So here i am going to share some important contact numbers of Pakistan Embbasy Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan Embbasy Saudi Arabia Contact Number


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