AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan
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AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan

AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan

According to Saudi Cival aviation authority approved list of vaccine saudi arabia is currently accepting four main main vaccine with following doses.

Jhonson 1 Dose
Modrena 2 Doses
AstraZeneca 2 Doses
Pfizer 2 Doses

AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan

Remember that at this time saudi arabia is not accepting any China made vaccine and you can’t be approved by getting this vaccine shots.

At this time only AstraZeneca is available in Pakistan but their is some limitation in getting this vaccine as it not available for all.

Who Can Get AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan

In Pakistan if your age is above 40 and you have valid visa then you are eligible for AstraZeneca Vaccine.

In case you are below 40 and you have valid visa the you are not eligible for AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan.

Another big condition for taking AstraZeneca in Pakistan while you are above 40 and you have valid visa you must be traveling within 15 days and thats you will be eligible for Vaccine In Pakistan.

Mostly Peoples are facing problems as their age is above 40 and to avoid Institutional Quarantine In Saudi Arabia you must do proper vaccination butbas you know its almost impossible.

And as you all know that Quarantine Packages For Saudi Arabia is too much costly and even no one can adjust in that package. So here i will give you an Idea.

Now its all on Pakistan government and government have now two options

Option No 1

Pakistan government must bring saudi arabia approved vaccine to Pakistan and only distributed to Pakistani Expates Traveling to saudi arabia to avoid quarantine.

Option No 2

If Pakistani Government can’t bring Saudi approved vaccine to Pakistan so government must request Saudi Arabia Government to add available China Made Vaccine in approved List.

How You Can Ask Your Government

Pakistani Government is well aware that Expates arw very important for Pakistani economy as they bring much more income to Pakistan so you can ask them about what you want.

Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

This portal launched for all pakistani mainly for expates outside Pakistan so have to just Download Pakistan Citizen’s Portal and lunch Your Complaint.

This Portal is directly working under Prime Minister Imran khan so its 100% Confirmed that your problem will be solved.

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