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Hookah Allowd In Saudi Arabia With Tawakkalna Status

Hookah Allowd In Saudi Arabia With Tawakkalna Status

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing announced that it would allow the return of hookahs and molasses, with access to cafes being restricted to those who are fortunate, according to the case in “Tawakolna”, starting from Shawwal 5, according to the preventive protocols that have been adopted for cafes that have licenses and permits.

The health procedures and requirements included the obligation for all employees in the café to be immunized (fortified with two doses, or fortified with one dose, or a recovering immune) according to the status update in the Tawakolna app.

In the event that the facility desires the presence of the unvaccinated worker in the café, he must obtain a negative result for the laboratory test PCR, during which the sample withdrawal period does not exceed 7 days at the facility’s expense in the first month after application, and after 5/11/1442 AH the presence of unvaccinated workers is not allowed in the café. .

In addition, access to cafes is restricted to immunized customers (fortified with two doses, fortified with one dose, or fortified fortified) according to the status update in the Tawakolna application, and it is prohibited to serve hookah in closed places or places of food service, and it must be served in open places.

It stipulated arranging the tables available for use by customers inside the café’s hookah and shisha service in a way that ensures that there is a distance of at least three meters between the different tables in the same hall, and in the event that the spacing distance (3 meters) is not applied, the serving of hookah and molasses must be prohibited in the café.

The procedures included that cafes that do not have tables to provide shisha and molasses service, if they are designed in the form of ground sessions separated by barriers so that they cannot be modified, then a session is disrupted between each two sessions to ensure a one-and-a-half-meter physical distance between customers in the two different sessions, along with placing signs A floor showing the places to sit, ensuring a distance of not less than one and a half meters from the boundaries of the outdoor session between adjacent sessions.

Hookah Allowd In Saudi Arabia With Tawakkalna Status

The procedures emphasized that the single-use hookah and molasses are limited to serving and dispose of them directly after use, and the number of individuals at a single table or session must not exceed five people even if they are from one family or friends, with the use of hookah only for one person and it is not given to a person. Another on the same day.

It also indicated that it is forbidden for service providers to use hookah before giving it to the customer for the purpose of experimenting and ensuring its quality, and stores must be provided with CCTV surveillance cameras at the entrances, external and internal sessions, and recordings should be submitted if requested by the regulatory authorities, with warning stickers placed on tables and entrances explaining the danger of smoking in Covid-19 transmission.

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