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Saudization Of Education Sector Saudi Arabia Jobs List 2021 Bad News

Saudization Of Education Sector Saudi Arabia Jobs List 2021

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi issued a decision to localize educational jobs in private public education facilities in private schools and international schools for boys and girls in the first phase, according to a number of specializations and in several stages that are applied at specific rates over three years.

Saudi Arabia Jobs Including In Saudization Of Education Sector 

The decision aims to increase the Emiratisation rates in private schools in all disciplines including  Saudi Arabia Jobs
and to increase the Emiratisation rates in the specializations of
Arabic language
Mational identity
Islamic studies
Art education
Physical education as a first stage in international schools.

How Much Saudi Arabia Jobs Are Targeted?

The decision aims to provide 28,000 educational jobs for the nation’s sons and daughters in private and international education during the next three years, as this decision is consistent with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development’s plan for Emiratisation and increasing opportunities for Saudis to participate in the labor market and support the gross domestic product.


Procedure Jobs List And Implantation Date For Saudization Of Education Sector Saudi Arabia 

Procedural guide for the decision to resettle the private public education sector (private schools – international schools) the minimum for calculating the percentage of Emiratisation, the professions targeted by the decision and the date for its implementation.

According to the guide for the Saudi teacher to be calculated in the imposed Emiratisation rate, his monthly wage recorded in the Social Insurance should not be less than 5 thousand riyals for a bachelor’s holder or its equivalent, with the wage earners not counting less than that.

The guide included the professions targeted for Emiratisation in private schools, the most prominent of which are: secondary teacher, secondary teacher, Arabic language, foreign language, social, family education, business administration, economics, accounting, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, health and physical education, computer, programming, Islamic studies, and others.

It also included the professions jobs in saudi arabia  targeted for Emiratisation in international private schools, which are: secondary teacher, Arabic language, family education, social studies, Islamic studies, arts and art education, middle school teacher Arabic language, health and physical education, Islamic education, social studies, elementary teacher, primary teacher, family education and art education.

When applying the decision, it is taken into account that it applies to workers in the professions stipulated in the detailed schedule for the professions targeted at Emiratisation, and that the decision does not contradict other rates of Emiratization that are applied to the total employees in the establishment according to the cards program.

It is mentioned that the effective date of the ministerial decision to localize the professions of the private public education sector (private and international) is on 01-24-1443H, corresponding to 1-9-2021AD.

Saudi Arabia Jobs List

Saudization Of Education Sector Saudi Arabia Jobs List 2021

Saudization Of Education Sector Saudi Arabia Jobs List 2021

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