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How To Cancel Haroob In Saudi Arab 2021

What Is Horoob?

According to saudi arab law you can work only with your kafeel and if your run away and work with someone else so your kafeel file acomplaint against you and your all features in jawazat is closed and you are considered illegal in saudi arab this is called haroob.

How To File Haroob?

Your sponsor can easily file your haroob through Absher in most case due to some othee issues Sponser File your haroob illegally thats called Fake haroob in order to deal this saudi arab government introduced a simple way to Challenge Fake Haroob In Saudi Arab.

How To Challenge Fake Haroob Report In Saudi Arab?

Any Expate can challenge and prove false his employer’s Haroob report by filing an objection plea at ministry’s website

How To Cancel Haroob In Saudi Arab 2021?

So after you are reported as absent from work then you have the following three ways To Cancel your haroob status in saudi arab.

Cancellation Of Haroob By Sponser

This is the first and most easiest way to cancel haroob status of Expates in this your Sponser have 15 days in which he can cancel your haroob status From Absher try to reach out your kafeel and convince him so that he cancell your haroob status Online.

Cancellation Of Haroob Through Labour Court

If you failed to reach out your kafeel and its more then 15 days since your haroob report is filed then its impossible to cancel it online now in this stage you have to approach labour courts of saudi arab in order to cancel your haroob status keep in maind you must have an arab person so he can deal this all because in this method chances of cancellations are very low so its all about your luck.

Cancellation Of Haroob Through Deportation Centers

Now this is last and most dangerous way of cancellation of haroob status as your have to surrender yourself to authorities they will kepp you in prison for some time and will move to the deportation center’s and from here you will be deported to your country wilth life time ban to saudi arab.

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