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Saudi Arab Airline New Tweet About Saudi International Flights

Saudi Arab Airlines has contracted a specialist company to sanitize flights and create awareness among passengers. According to the Saudi news agency SPA the specialist company will provide safety equipment and sanitizers to those traveling on Saudi flights. The company manufactures sanitary and cleaning products.

Saudi Arab Airline has been taking care of the health and safety of passengers and flight attendants since the outbreak of the new Corona which is why Saudi Arabia Airlines is one of the ten best airlines in the world. A new company with which Saudi Arabia has entered into an agreement will provide sanitizers to the passengers in special traditional style packets. The company will provide information on key architectural features in different parts of Saudi Arabia. Those traveling from Saudi Arabia will feel safe from the corona.

Remember that at a time when Saudi citizens and expatriates are waiting for the ban on international flights to be lifted Saudi Arab Airline is tweeting one after the other which has led everyone to think that the ban on flights is about to be lifted

Saudi Arab Airline Twitte About Saudi International Flights

Saudi Arabian Airlines tweeted a few days ago

Twitte No 1

Prepare Your Backpack

Twitte No 2

Share Your Next Destination.

Twitte No 3

Share Photos Of Your Last International Trip.

It may be recalled that the Civil Aviation Department had earlier announced that Saudi airports would be reopened from March 2021 and restrictions on international flights would be lifted, but the travel ban was later extended to 17 May 2021.

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