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Get Ummrah Permit From Tawakkalna Application In Saudi Arab

Tawakkalna Application announced the addition of the Hajj and Umrah permits management service, in addition to the escort management service for Hajj and Umrah permits.

The application explained that this service enables the user to review the permits issued by “Umrah”, including permits for Umrah, prayers, visits to the Prophet’s Mosque and the Holy Kindergarten.

He pointed out that this feature allows linking with the “Umrah us” application to display the permits of pilgrims in “Tawakkalna”, explaining that the permit is automatically canceled in the event that the health condition of the pilgrim changes, in order to ensure that the Umrah rituals are performed with confidence and safety.

Regarding the Hajj permit, the application clarified that after the permit is issued by the Ministry of Hajj, this will appear in “Tawakalna”, and the user or the pilgrim can view the data of his permits.

The Deputy Minister of Hajj, Dr. Abd al-Fattah Mashat, had previously indicated that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah intends to transfer the application of “Umrah,” and to combine it with “Tawakolna”, so that all permits for prayer, Umrah and Hajj are made through it only.

It is worth mentioning that the ministry confirmed that the Umrah permits and prayers at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet ‘s Mosque is granted to those who received the doses of vaccine or who have been on the first Jrathm of the vaccine 14 days, and is considered the application of “unleash” turf p to make sure the health status of a student permit, as well as when entering the Two Holy Mosques


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