How To Make New Friends 2022
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How To Make New Friends 2022

How To Make New Friends 2022

Today friendship is very important aspect of our life the reason for this is that everyone is busy in his or her on frustrating life and wants someone with whom he or she could spare some time and can discuss all that thing which he or she cannot discuss with any other…

Everyone can not be made friend but that one who have some like with you.. It is a true to good and loyal friend with whom we can share our feeling and emotions without hesitating..

It’s not easy to find a loyal friend ki all your secrets and give you at all it to keep their Secrets in turn..

Basically if we want to define friendship so the definition will be that a person who has heart connection, our love, affection, trust whatever doesn’t depend if we have blood relation or not.

How To Make New Friends 2022
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A good friend will by no means purposely advice and help you in taking any decision that is super good for you..

He will not tell Or spit any bad words behind you but he will fight for you for anyone who denies you,your thoughts and disrespects your thoughts..

Even slowly slowly being friends you will become not just but also becomes a family member..

Friendship is known as one of the finest relation or bond on the planet if it is performed in a right way..

A best friend will always be in your any situation even it is hard for him or her but he or she will be there for you in any trouble..

How To Make New Friends 2022
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In a friendship it is quite lovely feelings that he will listen to you, will argue you, I will fight with you, and even sometime get frustrated from you in personal always defend you in public, take care of you, your self respect and hang out with you..

Friendship does not restrict to gender and age.. It doesn’t mean that a boy you can just be a best friend of a boy or a boy can be just your friend… You are a boy you can make a best friendship Bond with a girl if it is completed right way.

As like this it is also not preferable aur age difference is never counted in a friendship… If you are a teenager an aged person even he is above 50 or 60 whatever his age is can be your best friend if you want..

How To Make New Friends 2022
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Like this if you are aged above 50 or 60 you can make friendship Bond with even a 10 years old person..

We can understand the importance of friendship from the below quotes or sayings..

1.. It is one of the blessing of old friend that you can afford to be stupid with them- Ralph Waldo Emerson

2… I cannot even imagine where where I would be today without that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy.. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun- Charles R_ swindoll

How To Make New Friends 2022
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3… A good friend keeps your secret for you…. And a best friend helps you keep your own secrets- Lauren Oliver

4… If you want to find out who you are real friends are, sink the ship.. The first one to jump out aren’t your friends- Marilyn Manson

5… True friends are like diamonds bright, precious, beautiful and always in style- Nicole Richie

How To Make New Friends 2022
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People says you want make any person your friend so you have to ignore all his negative points and without any quality make him a best friend but from my thought and from my opinion I recommend you to be careful about making your friends because it’s a very important decision in your life because he or she may be the cause of aur the great cause of your are your failure because you are going to share your all secrets usually don’t share with any other else…

How To Make New Friends 2022
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So I suggest you, before making any friend you should find some qualities In them by discussing them with the people who are close to them..

Here I will suggest you some qualities your friend should have at least

Qualities of a best friend

In my opinion a friend just have these qualities to make him your best friend and even make him like a family member with whom you can share your every secret without hesitating..

How To Make New Friends 2022
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a good friend must have the quality that he is not only honest with you but the people even he didn’t know about them.. Means his one honest advice can change your life in a positive way like this is one negative advice will ruin your life..

If your friend is pretending that he is honest to you and agrees on every decision U take and treat others with dishonesty and always give negative comments on others then he may be cheating on you..

How To Make New Friends 2022
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Respect full-

I thought that it’s a good and positive aspect if friend who is never disrespected by anyone else means he is fully respectful…

You have a friend you respect him and other people disrespects him and says negative things about him then you have to think something about him means not all people I can be wrong about him..

You have to make sure if the people are right about him and he must not be cheated you..

So by that I’d really think is the main sing in a relation because if you make a friend who is disrespectful people will also disrespect you because of him..

So for your own self respect you should be careful about your friends. its my advice..


How To Make New Friends 2022
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As we all know loyalty is critical characteristic of best Friendship Bond..

A loyal friend will help you with all his heart doesn’t depend if this help is buy money, love, intellectual fitness, personal relationships or personal problems or something else completely.

Loyalty is main aspect because all your respect is hidden in your secrets that just discuss or tell with that person Or friend and if he misuse of this trust then you are left nail hand..

So I advices you that I have listed loyalty as third in my topic I recommend it firstly in your practical life..

How to make good friends?

Here I will show you some strategies and some tricks how you can make new friends..

Because friends are the building block of our daily life and we all need a person with whom we can share our secrets and a person who can take stand on us support us and our decisions and make our every aspect of life easy for us…


But before proceeding I want to give you one advice that if you want to make a best friend for yourself you must have to bring some qualities in yourself first that if a person you but being your qualities in you he cheating you become your best friend..

In this qualities I will shortly tell you that the first one is tolerance that you have to tolerate and ignore small things and small understandings in your initial stage of friendship Bond.. Try to do not lose your temper and also advising your friend that understanding each other will take a little bit of time but we should be careful and should understand each other..

Second one I wanna tell you never lie to him personal life, what’s going in your life just tell him directly and tell him I am not lying to you because I want you to be my friend and as well as my family member so please be my secret keeper..

Ok so let’s get started and have a look on my strategies have brought for you that you can easily make new friends…

1.. Send delicious dishes-

If you have been shifted to a new place you want to make new friends in your neighbour then the first one is that when you cook a delicious dish just send them to the neighbours..


In return they will also come to your home meet you, to know you and will conversation with you and you will find many friends in your neighbour..

On the other day send to the another neighbour, and slowly slowly people will know you and will come to your home and we’ll hi hello you and definitely after sometime you may have many new friends..

2- visit near parks and picnic areas

By visiting to those parts that are near to your house and picnic areas where all the people get together and enjoy find many people of your neighbour all peoples living little for from your house..

Simply don’t hesitate invite them, walk with them introduce yourself to them and tell just important introduction about yourself..

And then regularly start going to parks joining them on the way finally you will make friends or friend in a little time.

3- take part in National events

For making new friends purpose it’s a best idea to join national events like
Independence Day
Defence day
Our great leaders day

If there are events happening like Independence Day,defence day so you must have to join these events there you will find a lot of people not only of your place but who came from far aur a little far..

4- find events through social media

Through different social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram picture and many other give location and events will arrive on your screen you can easily see screen what events happening around or near upcoming days..

Means there must be some car shows event, some concerts, area voting events, New Year night events and surly Eid events..

So you should join these events which are very helping in making new friends.


5- School aur any educational events

If there is happening any event in the school aur your school or Educational Centre has some competition in some aspect with other schools and where any schools will be participating means different people will join event from different schools so then you must have to join that event,. Definitely, there you will find many friends of age varying from small to your age aur above your age..

6- take admission in any part time classes..

If you have a hobby, any hobby so make it to be a part of your daily life and take admission for that hobby.. Means if you have craze for making your body just joined the gym where you will find partners who have your same hobby craze and will definitely be your mate and friend..


Like this if you have an other hobby you can join classes in your society related to them as
Karate classes
Cooking classes
Boxing classes
Dance classes
Computer classes etc


If you are free in your part time so Make double advantage of your time.. Take admission in part time courses and joined the classes regularly to be in touch with the people who are also interested in a course in which you are also interested..

This courses usually includes
Stitching courses for girls
Cooking courses
Beautician courses
Painting courses
Driving courses
Educational courses
DIT courses
Freelancing courses

There you will find in your department many people who have same course as you and by starting or just discussing about the course, helping each other in that course and doing it practically I will definitely make you friends..

8- start a morning walk

It is better suggestion to start a morning walk that will help you not only making you healthy but will also meet you to the colleagues that also do morning walk your neighbours to the desired parks..

Join them help them in their morning walk like telling them the benefits or something else about morning walk and helping them in different exercises which can help them out in their daily life..

Invite them and fix the time with them to go together for morning walk at the same time together that you both can give company to each other..

That was all suggestions with me that I shared with you and I hope it will be very helpful to you in your future and you find it helpful… Be in touch with me more about you are searching for..

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