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How To Marry Saudi Women Saudi Arab Marriage Law

Marriage laws in Saudi Arabia are different for citizens and foreigners. According to the law, the marriage is registered in the court while the acceptance is also before the judge. All the conditions in the marriage certificate are also registered with the marriage registrar called Qazi. Marriage of Saudi citizens For the citizens, apart from […]

Saudi Law

Saudi Arab New Contract System All Details

According to Al-Akhbariya, the Ministry of Manpower said in a statement that the new employment agreement will have a positive effect on the Saudi labor market, increasing production. The competitive environment will be better and there will be more flexibility between employer and employee. Ministry of Manpower spokesman Nasir al-Hazani said the new employment law […]

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Saudi Arab Jawazat Video Calling Service For Expates

The Saudi Passport Department has again asked Saudi nationals and foreigners residing in all parts of the country to use the video calling service from the Director General of the Passport Department. According to Sidti Magazine, the Passport Department said on its Twitter account that it has introduced video calling facility to the Director General […]

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Saudi Arab Hajj 2021 New Rules For All

Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Abdel Fattah Mashat, said that many of the measures taken by the Kingdom during the Corona pandemic were directed towards protecting people, especially pilgrims, including the provision of vaccines. He explained, during his interview with Al-Akhbariya channel, that the ministry is currently preparing to receive the Umrah season in […]