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How To Attest Power Of Attorney In Saudi Arabia

How To Attest Power Of Attorney In Saudi Arabia

Once again we have an opportunity to write about some useful information about Saudi Arabia that I love the most because Saudi Arabia is a country that have most population of expats. So its obvious that the people who travels to a country knows less about the country as compare to the locals of that country. Because it has many job opportunities which attracts the uneducated and unemployed people from all over the world to travel to Saudi to earn money because the economy if Saudi is really strong so if one is earning few riyal when they send this money to their homeland and it is converted in great amount.

So if you are an expat living in Saudi Arabia and wants to know about the rules and regulations or any other method or some useful information then we are here to provide you all this in a single article. I hope you will enjoy reading.

Let’s go and have a look of this content to gain some information that you need to know.

Getting visa for Saudi has become little bit easy nowadays due to globalization that have made the world like a global village and one can get access to any country and any embassy easily from home online.

Therefore, making the legalization procedure handy. If you are the one who is planning to do a business in Saudi Arabia then Authentication of Power Of Attorney is one of the most important requirements that is to be fulfilled otherwise you can face many problems.

It has very importance because it will define and evident your legitimacy. Saudi certificate attestation agencies are now offering this kind of verification with swift and legitimate services.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is one of the most important step that is needed to follow because we have mentioned above as it guarantees that all of your documents are legal and valid. Power of attorney is a type of document that allows you to choose a person or a firm and allow him to govern your matters if you are unable to do so or you are out of the country.


•  It needs to be done from the certificate issued country that may be your native homeland.

• The verification or confirmation of this document is essential if the person you are hiring he has a resource in another country.

• This step may also be important by the hired individual if they want to bring in any changes with the same task in some other nation or country.

• Therefore to prove that the documents submitted are legal and valid some special departments are authorized by the government to carry out the procedure.

• The commercial certificate attestation is a necessity for international business purposes and many of the corporates look for the best Power Of Attorney Attestation service provider and it help all the businesses. Now the government has initiated PEC which provides complete services to its customers.

How to get Saudi Embassy Attestation Services:

If you are the one who is searching for Saudi Arabia embassy attestation service than you don’t have to worry because you have clicked on the right option because here we are to serve you.

PEC offers attestation and apostille services for all three types of documents:

• personal

• educational

• commercial documents

This service provide you quick and valid certificate which will force you to concern them for the next time also because of its quick service.PEC is a certificate attestation company or firm that offers courier option also to make it easy for your comfort.

Process of attestation
for power of attorney in Saudi Arabia:

The attestation or legalization of power of attorney may be a lengthy process so you don’t have to panic you have to keep patience.

It is a step by step procedure that you have to follow until the last step is reached.We have mentioned below step by step procedure that you have to follow to attest the power of attorney in Saudi Arabia:

Step 1:

Regional level:

It is the first stage of the power of attorney certificate attestation method.

This step of legalization or attestation can be done by the notary or the University from where the documents were issued according to the requirement or from the Chamber of commerce in the case of commercial documents.

State Government

The confirmation of documents from the state is performed by three organizations according to the requirement of the document type.

These departments are :

The State Home Department (SHD)

Human Resource Department (HRD)

Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM).

SDM is independent of the state government, yet, the verification carried out by this authority is considered on the state level.

MEA Stamp

MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs is the last stage of legalization from the home government after which an MEA stamp is applied on the document. MEA is the central organization that concerns with the foreign affairs of the country.

Culture Attestation

For this step , the documents must first be verified from a Saudi culture office. All three kinds of documents are certified by the officials here

Only after this process, the documents will be forwarded to the embassy for a stamp.

Embassy Attestation

It is carried out by the officials of the respective country the documents are being legalized for. It is the final step of the verification for most nations after the Ministry of External Affairs.

Time duration required for attestation of power of attorney:

As we have mentioned that it requires a lot of document for the attestation of the power of attorney.

The time period needed is based on several reasons, for example:

• For which country you necessitate the legalization for,

• or the sort of documents, or the authority you require it from.

Generally, it will take about a couple of weeks to 25 days to complete. The time will still be influenced by factors referred to previously.

Cost of attestation of the power of attorney for Saudi Arabia:

Cost of attestation is the next step that you should know after it because their may be this question arise so you don’t have to worry we have the answer for you:

Power Of Attorney attestation charges are not fixed it varies from country to country.

The cost will also be affected by the extremity of the requirement, also from the place the documents were circulated.

The Saudi attestation fees could be reasonable or high and can still differ with the extra facilities like attestation of documents with pick up and drop facility.

Cancelling of power of attorney:

If you are not satisfied and you want cancel the power of attorney than its also possible in order to do so you have to take all the documents to the embassy or consulate and follow the method of cancelation.

So if you are wishing to choose a person who will lead your business if you are not present on that time than here is the way that you can follow to do so…

I hope we have provided all the possible information regarding this topic and read it to get the full data go through it and know about steps of attestation of power of attorney in Saudi Arabia.

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