Get UAE Visa Free Dubai Free Visa
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Get UAE Visa Free Dubai Free Visa

Get UAE Visa Free Dubai Free Visa

UAE’s Federal Office for Citizenship and Nationality has announced that visa fees will not be charged for children under the 18 like children’s of tourists and get your Dubai Free Visa.

The decision To Get Dubai Free Visa will be implemented from 15th July 2021 to September 15. 

According to official update the visa fee waiver will benefit sons and daughters of tourists under the age of 18 who are coming to the UAE on a tourist visa with their parents or one of them.Enjoy Free Dubai Visa

Get UAE Visa Free Dubai Free Visa

No matter if the tourist visa is short-term or long-term in both cases the tourist’s sons and daughters will be exempt from the visa fee and they will Get Dubai Free Visa.

It may be recalled that the UAE cabinet had decided in 2019 that students and tourists under the age of 18 would be allowed to visit the UAE.

The decision has been made under the policy of making the UAE an educational and tourist attraction in the world.

Foreigners In UAE Can Now Make Their Own Companies

According to the UAE Ministry of Economy foreigners in UAE are now allowed to set up a full-fledged company in their own name.

When This Will Be Implanted

Implementation of this huge decision from UAE government will begin on 1st June 2021. The move is a new reform effort to facilitate trade in the UAE and to make UAE more attractive for Foreigners.

Reasons For Allowing Foreigners To Make Companies

According to UAE Ministry of Economy the purpose of providing this facility to foreigners is to strengthen the national economy promote a flexible policy system and take the investment climate to the global level.

According to UAE Government policies UAE had banned foreign investors and companies from associating a local citizen as a dealer when opening a branch of their company in the UAE but the ban was lifted by amending the Commercial Companies Act.

The new law is designed to make the UAE an international investment front


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