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Back Pain Common Diseases And Their Treatments

We all feel happy when we can stand and sit well because that means that the spine is fine which is the controlling cord which is made up of small bones called vertebrae along the backfrom the socket to the neck and also supports the head and shouldersand the upper body.

Here Are The Some Disease Which Cause Back Pain And It’sTreatment Also

Torn Cartilage

There is a cushion between the vertebrae which is cartilage so that it does not erode and rub against each other and with age the cartilage begins to dry out so if you press hard on the back it may tear or break and this appears in the pain of the arms or legs or a feeling of numbness or tingling. Usually exercises pain relievers or surgery help

Sliding Disc

As you get older a deterioration in the neck occurs which may lead to a slipped disc or disc or the vertebrae may sprout extra bone called protrusions to try to boost strength and the ligaments that connect the vertebrae may become stiff and narrow and your neck may hurt or be difficult to move.

Roughness Of Vertebrae

The vertebrae contain sticky tissue in each end that helps the back to bend without friction and if the cartilage becomes rough or eroded the vertebrae begin to rub against each other making the back movement painful or stiff and women are more likely than men to be affected by it and it worsens over time. Painkillers therapy and exercises can help

Narrowing Of Spine

The spine contains spaces for the spinal cord and the nerves branching from it and when these spaces shrink the bones may compress the nervesand you feel pain tingling numbness or muscle weakness and osteoporosis is the most common cause of this and the surgeon intervenes and makes room for the nerves.


If pain descends from the lower back through the back to the legs the sciatic nerve may be the cause as a herniated disc bone spur or other spine problems put pressure on it which is called sciatica and hot and cold compresses stretching exercises and painkillers may help.


Cancer spreads from the place where a new bulge appears in the spine and lung breast prostate and bone cancer is likely to spread to the spine and some non-cancerous cases may lead to a tumor in it as well.

Twisting Spine Laterally

Torsion can occur in the spine and this most common type affects children during the growth spurt before puberty which leads to the spine bending sideways and the shoulders are uneven or one of them protrudes more than the second and the reason for this is unknown and it may worsen and cause Problems.

The Hump

This condition causes the spine to bend forward when the vertebrae are fractured or weakened and older women are affected more often and it may also affect children whose spine grows incorrectly causing pain and depending on the extent of the curvature of the spine the treatment is analgesics Or sports or surgery.

Sclerosing Spondylitis

This type of arthritis usually begins with making the lower back and hips stiff and painful especially in the morning then it may spread to the spine joints and other organs and the vertebrae and bones may fuse in the rib cage which causes curvature and it affects men more than women and it may be widespread In the family .it is treated with exercise and medication.

Spinal Cord Injury

The injury often comes from accidents such as a fall a car accident a sports accident or a gunshot and the spinal cord often bruises or partially cut off the blood supply which may lead to paralysis and the chance for improvement depends on the severity of the injury.

Fractures Of Neck Or Back

Accidents and injuries may lead to bone fractures and if the fracture is in one of the seven upper vertebrae directly below the skull then it is called a broken neck and if it goes down it is a fractured back and the back is also weakened due to aging and in these cases the back brace may help or Surgery.

Sliping Of Vertebrae

The vertebrae may slide sideways moving away from above and below and spondylolysis is the main cause of lower back pain and it occurs with age but it may also affect young people who practice sports that stress the lower back such as football gymnastics and weightlifting.

Spinal Nerve Syndrome

Nerves branching from the spine in the lower back help the mind to control the legs and pelvis and a herniated or fractured disc can put pressure on this group of nerves which is called “cauda equina” which causes this rare and dangerous disease and immediate surgery is required to regain control.

Call The Doctor

If you feel something abnormal such as weakness or numbness in the arms or legs or you cannot control urine or stool suddenly consult a doctor,especially in the case of cancer or you feel continuous pain without cause and it hurts more at night.




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